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Daniel’s Story:

Vocelle was named Student of the Year by SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). He’s urging teens to speak up when they think friends are driving recklessly. He speaks from experience:

“My cousin was involved in a motorcycle accident where he was driving at excessive speeds while doing a wheelie in a high traffic area. Sure enough, he ran right into the back of a minivan and did not survive.”

As Daniel says: “It’s your responsibility the moment that you enter that car. Your life is in the hands of the person driving. A lot of people underplay that fact, and that’s what SADD is all about. It’s your responsibility to reach your friends, it’s up to the students to make the difference.”This campaign is helping kids to stand up. It’s not a hard thing to say to your friend: Slow down. We always say, [when it comes to drugs], Just Say No. It’s not a big deal; no one is going to hate you for saying no.

“It’s the same thing. Your friends are not going to hate you for [asking them] to slow down. They’re not going to kick you out of the car, not be your friend anymore. It’s just simply asking somebody to be a little bit more considerate for your life when they’re driving.”

In the coming weeks, check this page for more stories of teens just like you who think back to those moments when they could have said something to a friend making a reckless decision… and what they plan to say in the future.